Infographic: How Many Times Should You Try?

Here is a quick infographic that should pick your spirits up after a sales meeting gone wrong or 100 straight hang-ups during frustrating cold calls.

How Many Times Should You Try?


  • 3 times Steven Spielberg was rejected by University of Southern California,  after which he dropped out to become a director.
  • 26 times Tim Ferris’s book The 4 Hour WorkWeek was rejected  by  publishers
  • 104 times an average couple has sex before conceiving
  • 162 times the author of this infographic made searches for this data
  • 300 times founder of approached investors before he got funding
  • 400 times a National  Geographic photographer shoots before getting the final image
  • 1009  times Colonel  Sanders  who  just started KFC was turned down when  he  tried selling his fried chicken  recipe
  • 5126 times James Dyson created failed prototypes of  his  vacuum cleaner before succeeding



Source: Funders and Founders, blogvash

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