We took some time out to talk to our friends (and clients) at LACREA to discuss their great organization and the work we did (and still do) for them.

Tell us about you or your company or organization…?
Founded in 2010, the Latino American Commercial Real Estate Association (LACREA) is focused on building relationships amongst Latino Americans throughout the commercial real estate industry in order to leverage our broad range of specialties and increase professional development.

What were the needs for this project and were those needs met?
The needs were to develop a site that was easy to navigate and scalable with the changing technology.

What do you like about our product / service?
Ease of use and cost effective.

Would you recommend our product / service to colleagues or contacts within your industry?

You can take a look at their brand new website here.

If your located in the NYC area and in commercial real estate, you can join here.

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